Bollywood, Feminism Tumse Na Ho Payega

I watched the recently released Bombay Begums on Netflix written and directed by ‘feminist’ Alankrita Shrivastava who made another gem(sarcasm) Dolly Kitty aur woh Chamakte Sitaare(also available on Netflix).

Bombay Begums is utter trash. Its ‘smash the patriarchy’ spirit was funny and hypocritical on so many levels. People who liked this movie didn’t use the same logic for Kabir Singh. Nothing was empowering about this movie and it showed most men as evil. Don’t know what was worse, the irritating narration throughout the show by a kid or the character Ayesha played by Plabita.

It’s difficult for Ayesha to find an accommodation in Mumbai because she’s a ‘single woman’ so she was sleeping around with whoever gave her a place to live. Iska Musical Chairs chalra tha. It must be so empowering for a woman to use her sexuality to get things done. She finds a house only towards the end of the show after she’s done with all the fun n thrill. Magic!

Fatima played by Shahana Goswami has to choose between Family and Career, unable to handle it she cheats on her husband. Rani played by Pooja Bhatt was fighting men at work who felt insecure coz she was better placed. She climbs to the top of her professional ladder in exchange for agreeing to reject a female colleague’s sexual harassment complaint against a powerful man.

She too is cheating on her husband coz everyone in this show has to, to feel liberated and empowered. All problems-one solution. Adultery restores confidence and self-worth in these women. Lily’s story is unconvincing and so forced in the plot that it is there to just make a point about prostitution.

The fake accented kid Shai who is Rani’s daughter walks around in school in her fake period blood-stained skirt(You have to watch this scene to believe it. Creativity Max). She sits on the class bench but nobody raises the hygiene issue here because period blood is empowering Bro. We bleed and we’ll show it to everyone. Deal with it. Dettol and Surf Excel can go to hell.

Shai gets sick and falls unconscious after drug overdose at party where her crush breaks her heart. She’s rushed to the hospital and her mother is only worried if she has been sexually violated. No gyaan is ever given on Substance Abuse. Beta Maal phook lo chalta hai but ‘my body, my choice’ is supreme.

Now, of course, any agenda is incomplete without references to Hinduism. There’s a Karwa Chauth plot and a reference to Bhagavad Gita. Arey obviously Quran has such a progressive opinion on Adultery and Homosexuality hence no mention of it. Only Karwa Chauth is mindlessly regressive and patriarchal.

Bollywood and Feminists never tire from talking about mental and physical abuse in relationships/domestic violence and how you should walk out of such toxic relationships but will never address ‘Polygamy’ that some of these celebs are products of.

Dharmendra Deol and Mahesh Bhatt had to convert to Islam to get married the second time. Boney Kapoor didn’t care to convert and so his second marriage to Sridevi is probably illegitimate under Indian Law. The much publicized reaction of his first wife and Arjun Kapoor’s statements on how his father’s second marriage affected him as a kid leading him to obesity have been common public knowledge.

There are many such examples in Bollywood. Funny that kids from these families, friends and relatives of these people preach mental health and talk about women empowerment. Pehle khudka ghar theek karo na! That they won’t do because they fear being disowned by the father. Property and Paisa bhi toh chahiye.

Most star wives excuse the straying ways of their husbands. Change should begin at home. Why not ask these women to walk out of toxic relationships first? Their kids grow up seeing unhappy marriages, what about their ‘mental health’? Privileges, Status and Money > Self-respect and Mental Health? Convenient.

So, are all these Feminist and Women Empowerment ideas only for the Middle-class? When the Rich women put up with the same nonsense it is a matter of choice, arrangement or settlement, even ‘maturity’.

Tuadda Kutta Tommy, Sadda Kutta Kutta? Shut this BS Bollywood.



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