How Bollywood killed Sushant Singh Rajput

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput shook me. It’s so unfair, the way he went. I loved Hindi cinema for its drama, storytelling, celebration, vibrance, songs, dance, everything. I joined Instagram only to watch the actors closely many of who I have unfollowed in past two days.

I have no idea how these guys can get back to their normal daily routine after such tragic loss of a colleague. I have lost all love for them. Before I witness their shamelessness I intend to quit Instagram.

Not that we were oblivious to the dirty tricks of Bollywood but to see it affect someone to the extent of driving him to suicide is unforgivable. Like Shekhar Kapoor said “Bring down the system”, I vow to never watch movies/shows of these murderers. #Karan Johar #YRF #Salman Khan

These guys deserve all the backlash for what they collectively did to Sushant and others. Being snarky on camera, rating each other’s work & looks has been normalized because of bitchy shows like Koffee With Karan & other chat/radio shows. Never watching them again.

The critics & media are rude and biased. Award shows have been exposed by celebs themselves. I don’t know how long this public rage will last, how many from the industry will share their ordeals and if anything will ever change but Bollywood will never be the same for me.

The following are a series of my tweets on the tragic loss of Sushant Singh Rajput:

Celebs posting on #SushantSinghRajput plz SHUT UP. I remember way back when Dhoni released, actor Rajat Kapoor made a nasty comment on Twitter on Sushant’s looks. Kareena on a chat show openly advised Sara not to date him.

Many celebs on Koffee with Karan made a face when they were asked to ‘rate’ Sushant on hotness meter/as an actor. KWK is all about being mean and nasty & most of these celebs preaching kindness today have appeared on that show and said mean things.

Bollywood, this has happened in the past,it will happen again. It gives you guys joy to see others fail, you mock at them, diss them under the pretext of a fun chat show/interview. You killed him. You all did.

Just look at the interviews of Tara Sutaria, how upset she sounds when she talks about being judged and treated unfairly. How much was Kriti Sanon’s work in Bareilly ki Barfi noticed or even appreciated? Alia Bhatt’s 10min role and average dialogue delivery won her all awards. Wow!

You ‘Biggies’ in Bollywood and media have no idea what you do to your colleagues.When you’re rude you expect ppl to develop a thick skin & take ‘criticism’, you bully someone so much, drive them to suicide and then talk about kindness and being polite. Convenient no?

And who made this about mental illness? Stop making everything about depression and mental illness. Deepika Padukone should stop making this about what she stands for. Just go to hell, all you bollywood and media guys.

Vaani Kapoor was stuck in a YRF deal for many years and her career has gone nowhere. Look at her filmography-only YRF banners. Shraddha Kapoor walked out of a similar YRF deal to star in Aashiqui 2 and YRF hasn’t forgiven her yet. She has talked about it several times.

Not just YRF Talent Mgmt but many talent mgmt agencies of Bollywood have unfair ways of extracting money from struggling actors/models. You’re looted, it’s a messy debt trap. Nora Fatehi spoke about it in her interview to Pinkvilla.

In 2012 Ajay Devgan complained against YRF for manipulating exhibitors and distributors to release JabTakHaiJaan in more theatres than Son of Sardaar because of which his film would be seen in lesser number of theatres, causing a loss to him.

These Guys are a mafia. Sushant’s ‘Paani’ with Shekhar Kapoor under YRF got shelved. What Karan Johar did to Sushant with Drive was unfair but there are many others who let him down.

Oh and who can forget what happened to Vivek Oberoi after his press conference on Salman Khan. Wasn’t he the next big thing after being much appreciated in Company & Saathiya? Also Arijit Singh’s public apology begging Salman not to remove the song he sang for movie Sultan.

In the past many musicians have talked about #TSeries and its unreasonable contracts. Everything gets brushed under the carpet, not many come out to speak against these ‘biggies’. Says a lot about the kind of control these guys have on the industry.

This is how talent is killed. The few that made it through deal with it diplomatically and will never risk talking about it because they don’t want to lose what they earned(acceptance from this Mafia). They become a part of this gang and learn to turn a blind eye by denying existence of nepotism in the industry. It’s a vicious circle. The Bollywood Mafia is real.